Our cooperation is based on #Trust.

We are inspired by future inovations in #bim technology.

Who we are

The creative strength of Bim-Departman is made up of a team of #BIMǀRevit Professionals who built up their working experience by taking part on major international #Projects. Markets across Europe, USA and Russia contributed for Bim-Departman to become a strong and reliable partner on the world stage.

As a key of our sucess we would like to emphasize the confidence of our clients based on high quality modern solutions in accordance with their requirements. Social responsable management followed by development of new technologies in accordance with all up to date standards and regulations in #Construction Industry contributes to continuous improvement of our services to customer satisfaction.

Having Bim-Departman as a strategic partner by your side, you will have a great advantage on demanding markets. By reducing your operating costs, designing a high quality end product for the shortest possible time you will get the necessary workforce for every new project. Full responsability, coordination and communication during the project are guaranteed.

Model + Information = BIM


#BIM Represents the process of creating and managing project data during the development process of that activity. Each project component can mantain as many information as possible for a contractor, architect or owner in every stage of project implementation. Simply said:

Model + Information = BIM

BIM requires a completely different approach to construction #design with more interaction and safe exchange of data between all participants throughout the project. With its efficiency and productivity during the work process you get a greater level of cooperation which reduces the error possibility and contributes to greater efficiency when it comes to project deadlines and faster project solutions.

Our vision is to be the synonym for a company that follows and implements the latest #BIMǀRevit technology and uses different software solutions developed for Construction industry with a competitive price based on the #trust our clients provide us with.